Our A+ Call Scoring delivers insights that have helped dealers double their lead conversion

The number one reason for failing to deliver on a customer’s objective is poor telephone skills. Connec+ivity A+ Call Scoring allows you to score up to 10 customisable KPIs to identify what your team is doing well and what they could be doing better.

Whether a customer calls you directly or makes an online enquiry, their satisfaction still hinges on the quality of the call. We see exceptional results with A+ Call Scoring, not only in terms of identifying areas for training and development but also in terms of rewarding team members.

A+ Call Scoring allows individual team members to better understand their own performance and identify opportunities to improve.

Where areas for development are identified, A+ Call Scoring is an invaluable training tool.

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When it comes to training our focus is on the future – both of your business and of the industry. This allows us to focus on the real opportunities that will empower your business to grow.

We combine a suite of readily available proven solutions with bespoke “built for the client” training, all of which are designed with accelerated learning in mind. Using a consultative collaborative approach, maximum impact and maximum return on your investment are what we deliver.


Coaching is increasingly prevalent at all levels of the automotive industry. From helping an individual team member adapt to a new role to creating cohesive teams, coaching is at the heart of every successful business.

Even senior members of your team will benefit from coaching. Fantastic listening skills and the ability to ask more focused questions allows us to add clarity to strategic decision making and help senior managers develop a 360 degree understanding of business issues.

High Potential Team Workshops

High performing individuals don’t automatically make a high performing teams. Our High Potential Team Workshop begins by identifying what it takes to be an effective working group and how that is developed to become a high performing team.

FCA Health Check & CPD

The Financial Conduct Authority regulations are constantly changing and failure to comply carries heavy penalties. Everyone involved in the selling or administering of insurance products to receive a minimum of 15 hours continuous professional development (CPD) in the form of training every year.

We can carry out a health check to ensure you are FCA compliant, identifying areas where you need to provide training and maintaining a training log to evidence your compliance.