In a connected world, person-to-person contact has never been more important

Today’s consumer is connected 24/7 to a wealth of information that informs their purchasing decisions. The key to success is to engage prospective customers while they are in the research phase of their buying cycle. The sooner you engage someone in a real person-to-person conversation the greater your chance of converting their interest.

More than 70% of people end up buying from the person who first engaged them in a real conversation.

Connec+ivity provides the tools and expertise to help your sales team understand people’s motives and reasons for buying. Not only does this help you convert more enquiries, it ensures more satisfied customers that will come back to your business when they are in the market again.

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Real conversations, in real time

Connec+ivity uses Calldrip performance technology to connect you with prospective customers while their interest is at a peak. Whether people enter the market via an eDM, on your website, or even on social media, we can connect your sales team in around 30 seconds, taking prospects out of the market for your competitors.

We call this turning now moments into Wow! moments.

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We make new friends on your behalf

With our bespoke BDC, specialists in the automotive sector, every customer is dealt with efficiently to ensure the best outcome every time. No script, no simple message taking, but an engaged customer experience that delivers everything the customer needs from service Mot and test drive booking, right through to diagnostics and additional work.

Building rapport shows customers that we understand the importance of their decision. At Connectivity we don’t believe in scripted conversations, we believe in turning everyone we call into a new friend. We intuitively make people feel at ease, knowing when to listen and how to keep the conversation going. It’s one of the reasons we align ourselves with your business outcome goals. Combing this with our exceptional team, technology and processes means we regularly achieve and exceed expectations.

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Turn curiosity into action

AutoMotivesTM are our online incentives that are proven to drive online enquiries. Drawing on behavioral science and behavioural economics, we can tailor a suite of incentives to nudge website visitors into turning their curiosity into a specific enquiry.

In combination with Calldrip technology there is no better way to engage a prospective customer while their interest is at a peak.

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Sales Training and Call Monitoring

Drawing on decades of combined sales experience we have first hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to sales. Perhaps more importantly we have distilled this knowledge into a range of highly effective training courses that will empower your sales team.

At Connec+ivity we firmly believe that the best sales people never stop learning. Monitoring your sales calls not only lets you identify what works but also what doesn’t work. It’s easy to blame a lost sale on the sales executive but what did the prospect not respond to? Were they averse to your brand before the call began? Ongoing call monitoring and training offers you invaluable insights into what your audience thinks and how they react.

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Customer Recommitment Programme

Our Customer Recommitment Programme is designed to understand from the hundreds of thousands of pounds you spend every year putting new prospects into a consumer journey with your business, why they leave, and, more importantly, why after visiting for a specific timed appointment or product demonstration they walk away without buying.

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