Introducing Business Development as a Service.
The flexibility to anticipate the unexpected.

Successful business management is a process of prediction and control. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we cannot predict everything that is going to impact our businesses. Yet it’s also taught us (and our clients) that with the right technology and the right team behind you, you can have a lot more control over unexpected events. Even Covid-19.

Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) provides on-demand expert support for as long or as short a time as you need it. At a time when the full economic impact of the pandemic is still unknown, BDaaS allows you to reduce your fixed costs without reducing your service levels. It provides the flexibility to allow your own team to work from anywhere. And, at a time when consumer confidence is yet another unknown variable, it allows you to deliver the one-to-one personal communication that more than doubles your chances of securing a sale.

Flexible, On-demand Business Support

As an on-demand service, BDaaS delivers the flexibility to grow or shrink your contact centre team as circumstances dictate. If your staff fall ill, need to self-isolate, or have caring responsibilities then our team of customer befrienders are here to make sure your service don’t have to drop. Our team are available till 9.00pm each day, allowing you to capitalise on peak buying interest during the hours when most businesses are closed. When your team need to work from home, we have the technology for seamless integration with your on-site team and systems. Perhaps best of all, BDaaS allows you to reduce your fixed costs with no drop in service levels. Whatever 2021 throws at us, BDaaS is here to support you on-demand.

Engage Prospects When Their Interest is at a Peak

Before the pandemic, more than 70% of people ended up buying from the first person they had a one-to-one conversation with. Throughout 2020 more and more purchases have moved online. Today’s consumers are not only searching for their next car online, they are placing a deposit, arranging finance, or even completing the purchase from the comfort of their own homes. And doing when it suits them, rather than during traditional business hours.

Having the ability to turn online enquiries into a one-to-one conversation in under a minute is no longer a luxury. In the 100% online marketplace it’s the difference between making the sale and losing it.

Customer Contact Specialists

We are customer care specialists. Our team of customer befrienders intuitively make people feel at ease, knowing when to listen and how to keep the conversation going. So much so that one large automotive dealer group recently transferred their own contact centre team into the Connectivity team. With more and more of the customer journey taking place before a consumer visits your business, having the right people engaging with prospective customers during their decision making has become more important than ever before.

Punch Above Your Weight

Your online presence isn’t limited in how far it can reach. With BDaaS how you capitalise on that extended reach needn’t be limited either. The flexibility of BDaaS allows your business to punch above its weight. With a team that can seamlessly grow to meet periods of peak demand – even when they are outside your regular business hours –  you can extend the reach of your business without increasing your fixed costs.

BDaaS is increasingly becoming an essential part of manufacturers’ promotional campaigns. Our team of automotive specialists can turn interest into action long before a prospect visits a dealership.

BDaaS lets your business punch above its weight