Consumers now make purchasing decisions before their first visit to a dealership.
From vehicle and after sales service price comparisons to knowing how long a vehicle has been for sale and whether your price is fair, consumers now live amongst this information 24/7.
If you don’t engage with buyers while they are researching future purchases of goods or services, someone else will.
Connec+ivity lets you make contact with prospective buyers in under 30 seconds of them expressing an interest, taking them out of the market for your competitors.
Our results speak for themselves.

We connect people and technology to increase profitability

Connec+ivity combines cutting edge technology with behavioural insights and in-depth analytics to identify where your business can become more profitable.

Our goal is to help your team engage with prospective customers while their interest is at a peak, enabling them to deliver an industry leading guest experience while maximising the opportunity for your business. This interest occurs when the consumer wants to engage with your business on their time frame on any day and can be on any platform or device. Through a combination of Technology, People and Process we offer solutions to meet the needs of today’s B2ME consumer.

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Whether it’s your own people or the people you are connecting to, one size doesn’t fit all. Connec+ivity is all about starting the conversation and keeping that conversation going to the right outcome.

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Technology has and is changing how we make every type of purchase. We bring you new and proven technology to increase business opportunities, to convert more of those opportunities into sales and increase business efficiency.

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Drawing on our unrivaled experience of thousands of transactions gained across multiple continents, we understand that the smallest differences can have the biggest impact on your business’ profitability.

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