Research by Google has found that the first sales person to make phone contact has a minimum 238% better chance at setting an appointment than the second sales person to respond. With 95% of consumers now begin their shopping process online, you can no longer take 10 – 30 minutes to respond to online enquiries.

Connec+ivity’s suite of products and services allow you to respond to online after sales enquiries in under a minute. Even when your dealership is closed.

It’s a proven process that helped Lookers double their online after sales conversion rate.

The Challenge for Lookers

Lookers teams had been tasked with taking out costs in order to increase profit margins, without causing any further disruption to our consumers in their omnichannel purchasing journey. Online service bookings were taking a long time to manage internally, which meant Lookers were unable to satisfy their customers in the ‘now moment’ resulting in lost sales, an inability to upsell and quite often high levels of unfinished bookings, again resulting in high levels of potential lost sales.

The Solution

Calldrip allowed Lookers to create a smoother purchasing journey by allowing us to connect directly with the customer at the point of demand. Speeding up the purchasing journey allows Lookers’ agents to have a great conversion with the consumer in a simplistic manner at a time convenient with themselves. Calldrip’s data intelligence also provides Lookers with a very robust internal sales process for online lead management, online service presence and call management.

The Result

Calldrip allows Lookers to work smarter not harder. Lookers have seen an increase in revenue though doubling their after sales online sales conversions, reduced staffing levels due to the efficiencies Calldrip’s technology creates and through high levels of upsell. Agent morale has increased as customer contact rates have vastly improved. Calldrip brings speed and simplicity to Lookers after sales online buying journey that allows us to maintain our committed approach to customer care.

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