Turn more leads into confirmed appointments with Branded Call

94% of phone calls go unanswered because the number is unrecognised. Today, with more staff working from home, the phone call has become even more important.

Hiya Connect brands your outgoing calls, so customers know it’s you calling. With Hiya, your respected brand gets the recognition it deserves and more of your calls get answered.

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Go beyond static caller registries with Hiya

Reach more customers with a comprehensive voice performance strategy.

Reputation Monitoring & Management

Earn a better calling reputation by understanding how your numbers are being perceived by customers.

Branded call

Branded Call

Be instantly recognized with company, name, location, logo and even a call reason associated to your call.

Performance analytics

Performance Analytics

Make more informed business decisions with insights that help optimise your call performance.

Hiya Connect & Connectivity.CX

Maximise the conversion of new enquiries and the profitability of your business with Hiya Connect & Connectivity.CX

Montage of people speaking on teh telephone

Improve your reputation health

  • Gain a better calling reputation
  • Reduce the number of blocked and reported calls
  • Understand how your calls are being perceived

Increase answer rates

  • Leverage your trusted brand
  • Get recognized with call name and logo
  • Provide more call context with a call purpose

Enhance call performance

  • Improve call duration and conversation quality
  • Reduce time to connect
  • Gain insights to drive efficiencies

We deliver voice performance insights powered by data-driven science that move the business forward and deliver trusted customer connections

One of the UK’s leading automotive services is
driving more sales calls with better answer rates

Increase in return calls
Increase in answer rate
Calls marked as SPAM

Discover the power of Hiya for your business.
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