Cutting response time increases conversion rate

Shopping is an emotional experience. Good sales people intuitively know this. However, neuroscience research has demonstrated that the anticipation of something new gives shoppers more pleasure than actually closing the deal. That’s because our brains are flooded with dopamine, a chemical that plays a part in sensitising us to whatever we are seeking as well as playing a part in our reward system. It’s why you notice every single food smell when you’re hungry but not if you’re full. In the connected world the challenge for sales people is to engage with prospects during this period of heightened interest and anticipation. Connec+ivity instant connect technology lets your team engage with a prospective customer within seconds of them making an online enquiry. Wait several hours to respond and not only has the lead gone cold, the prospect is quite literally no longer as interested.

Our instant connect technology is delivering impressive conversion rates in both Sales and After Sales for independent dealers and dealer groups of all sizes.

Connec+ivity technology helps double appointment set ratio for CarGurus

  • Increased appointment set ratio on email leads from less than 10% to 21%

  • Boosted engagement with customers, moving more from undecided to decided.

  • Improved consumers’ first impressions of the dealership in an industry known for slow response time.

  • Response times consistently under 30 seconds.

According to the One Voice Report, more than a quarter (26.2%) of used car dealers are still using paper-based lead management systems, and a further 14.6% use a simple spreadsheet. This lack of lead management makes it difficult for dealers to efficiently respond to leads, which translates to poor sentiment around lead quality.

Connec+ivity partnered with CarGurus, the fastest growing automotive shopping site in the UK, to demonstrate the power of instant connect technology and how it can significantly impact conversion rates.

Managing more than 3,000 leads, Connec+ivity helped CarGurus increase appointment set ratio on email enquiries form less than 10% to 21%.

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